Lockable Secret Door in MCPE





Introduction: Lockable Secret Door in MCPE

hey guys, in this instructable I'm going to show you guys a semi-lockable secret door in Minecraft pocket edition!

Step 1: Find a Space

Find a flat space beside your stairs (that go down). Make sure there is one block between the stairs and the nearest edge of your flat area.

Step 2: Dig

Dig one block in three blocks up/down then at the bottom break the block between the stairs and the hole.

Step 3: Place

Place a door at the bottom, then above it a sign.

Step 4: Placing and Breaking and More Placing

Now go to your stairs. Place an upside-down stair (make sure you can still see the door),
Repeat this all the way down the stairs except with out the door, instead use oak wood planks

Step 5: Add the Room, Place the Painting

Dig out and furnish your secret room. outside, put a painting over the wall covering up the door and sign.

Step 6: All Done

Now your friends cant steal your prized jewels, well unless they go around breaking everything.

Things not to do:
• place a door on the same level as the painting; doing this would make the painting break when you close the door.

• create a huge amount of light near the stair that covers up your door; doing this would make the door glow making it easy to see.

Step 7: Thanks for Reading!



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    WOHA! I this is a great survival place to hide stuff like my iron,gold,redstone,diamonds and coal

    But the point is people cant get into the room, unless they know how to get into it

    Good idea, but it technically isn't locking it.

    Good idea, but it technically isn't locking it.

    i dont get the point theres no secret room or chest