This is a PC prank, to make a Windows box appear to be locked up - no response from the Start Bar, no response from the icons on the desktop, nothing. To someone unfamiliar with keyboard shortcuts (more on this later), the PC will appear to be completely locked up.  Rebooting will not fix it, either.

While there are a few steps involved, once you have practiced them, you can get it set into place in just the space of a co-worker's walk to the printer & back.

Step 1: Create a Picture of the Desktop & Set It As the Wallpaper

The first thing you must do is to create a wallpaper of the current desktop - this picture includes the current wallpaper image, as well as the start bar, and any and all icons on the desktop. You must close ALL applications, and not be running ANYTHING.

Once you've done that, press the "Print Screen" key.  On some keyboards, it is labeled PrtScn or something similar.  Pressing that puts an image of the screen in the clipboard.  launch Microsoft paint, choose Edit/Paste, and you should now see an image of the entire desktop.  Save the image onto the hard drive, then choose File/Set as background (Centered)
LOL I tried this on my brother and he said, "You know I'm too smart for this", and then he proceeded to fix the problem.
I like it! but in my computer (vista) when you scroll over the place the task bar should be, it comes up.
Yes, that can happen in pretty much any version of windows, not just Vista.<br><br>However, step 3 addresses that - you move the taskbar to the top, left, or right of the screen before hiding it. That way, after it's hidden, if they hover at the bottom of the screen, the bar will not pop up. Yes, it can still pop up if they hover to the side or top where you moved the bar, but moving it to an alternate location on the screen minimizes the chance of that happening.<br>
Haha, too bad huh? Yeah, i did move the taskbar, but the reason i said that was because my family members usually move the mouse around randomly in frustration.
the person might try right clicking <br>then teh option list thingy pops up <br> <br>not to be critical or anything <br>
That's part of the fun in pulling something like this on a co-worker, to see how quickly they can figure out what you did, and how to un-do it.<br><br>Frankly, I would never pull this on someone non-technical, like my mother, wife, or friends that come to me for help; I would be more likely to pull this on Dave or Rob, since they are also IT workers like me. Kind of a minor hazing. Things that they &quot;should&quot; be able to figure out &amp; fix.<br>
I already came up with this and put it in the contest. <br>
I see that. I did do a search before creating my 'ible, and couldn't find anything similar. (In fact, I completely missed the fact that we could view other submissions for the April Fool's contest, until after I had finished &amp; published mine). I guess that's a result of how we create &amp; title our works, that make it hard to easily find duplicates.<br><br>malakesher's &quot;Quick and easy PC prank&quot; 'ible is similar to yours as well. <br><br>Sorry if you're upset about it, but I assure you, I created it completely on my own.<br><br>Honestly, I like my approach a little better, as it appears the entire machine is locked up, versus just one application that will not close. I also went into a little more detail on how you can spin the prank, assuming you are pulling it on someone that comes to you for help with their &quot;problem&quot;.<br><br>These are the kind of things we pull on each other where I work. Which has led to EVERYONE locking their machine when they walk away from it, lest my friend Rob happen to find the PC unsecured.
i ve done this, and voted anyways just caz i like playing this prank.
Haha, very good idea! I will definitely do this to my mom who is completely unsavy when it comes to computers.

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