Picture of Locket of Love: From Kinect to 3D Printing
This Instructable shows you how to create a heart-shape locket with 3D relief of myself (But it could be a profile of any one like you too).

With the available free software, MeshMixer08, Processing, combine with Kinect Sensor (XBOX 360 was not needed) and a laptop or desktop I can create this precious locket to be a great gift to give as a present to the love one. 

Why don't I use 123D Catch to capture myself? You might ask!
In case of there is nobody else around to help you out with the photos shooting of you, like I was. Kinect Sensor (which I have one in my procession) was a good option to make this happen. And it was not really hard to do either.

Here's how I made it.

Step 1: Stuffs

Picture of Stuffs
Stuffs we needed!

A Person (In this case me!)


A Computer (MacBook Air was used in this project)

Kinect Sensor and Kinect Power Cable

Software and Libraries


Processing and Libraries
  • OpenNI Processing Library
  • Modelbuilder Processing Library


123D App. (see Step 8)

3D Printer
WWC2 years ago
High Tech and you are very masterfull with this.
sath02 (author)  WWC2 years ago