Locomotive 3d Printing and Lasercutting


Introduction: Locomotive 3d Printing and Lasercutting

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As an Industrial product design student I have chosen FabLab Making as an elective course. I'm planning to make a working locomotive with an lamp in the front.

In this course are a few demands on the making of the product:

  • A hinge of some sort has to be implemented.
  • An electrical circuit has to be used to for example drive a motor, light, etc.
  • The use of at least three machines: a 3D printer, a lasercutter and an electric machine of choice.

The beginning of this course is to find a suitable project. The project needs wood for lasercutting and plastic for 3d printing and electricity needs to be used. So I choose for something what contain all this requirements.

The parts I make for the locomotive am I gonna make by using 3d printing and lasercutting.

With this concept it's also important to know what isn't possible within the time span of this course. To set the boundaries a MoSCoW list is made.

MoSCoW list:

Must have moving wheels.

Should have a LED light in front of the locomotive.

Could have Led in at the back of the locomotive

Won't have wagons.

Required materials:

Wood for the cockpit

Plastic for the wheels

Chassis made of wood

Light is a led lamp.

front made of pvc

Required tools:

3d printer, use stl file from solidworks.

lasercutter, use dfx file from illustrator.

glue gun


Step 1: Begin shape design in solidworks

Step 2: make wheels for the back of the locomotive, and 3d printing it

step 3: make the side of the locomotive with solidworks and illustrator and lasercutting it.

step 4: make the under side of the locomotive with solidworks and illustrater and lasercut it later.

step 5: make the wood plates who are needed with the lasercut machine.

step 6: Cut an PVC pipe of 5cm in a piece of 90 cm long.

step 7: use a bicycle light and put the led through the hole in the front of the locomotive.

step 8: put al the pieces together like te picture

step 9: Use screws of 6 cm and 6 mm thick and pull them throug the holes where the wheels have to be placed.

step 10: print the pipe of the locomotive on the upside of the pvc pipe.

step 11: Glue all the pieces who are moving except the wheels.

Jelmer van der Spek

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:



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