Loft Bed for My Son.





Introduction: Loft Bed for My Son.

Due to the fact that kids are growing and they need their own space and our home has limited area for further expansion, we've decided to devide the living room in order to create space for an extra bedroom, and study -playing space for our kid. Before he was sharing his room with our elder daughter and now both need their own space and privacy.The room was already devided a door has been ordered from a carpenter and I took the reponibility to build solid loft bed with a foldable desk and extra shelves.

Step 1: Setting the Basic Frame and Support

The support and the correct leveling of the frame is the most important task especially when it's 2,00 meters high just above the front yard door.

Step 2: Setting the Deck

that's the easy part ....

Step 3: Wooden Ladder

Building a safe and solid high wooden ladder is also a difficult chalenge for someone who is an amateur as I am. I was looking on internet long time to see videos and building tips about it. It took me nearly two days for measuring and building. it's very important to level it correctly.

Step 4: Safety Banisters

safety is important !

Step 5: Shelves and Foldable Desk

I have purchased some years ago from a local store that it was closing down 2 steinless steel foldable heavy duty foldable corners and I build a small wooden deck to attach on them in order to create a versatile desk which will provide studying space and also when it's down valuable playing space for our kid. I took the advantage of the wooden columns and I have also build shelves for future needs , a book,a toy or a pc.

Step 6: Finally I Sand the Whole Construction, and Passed It One Layer of Non Toxic Light White Colour So the Wood to Be Visible Underneath and Two Layers of Transparent Water Based Varnish to Give Smoothness and Easy Cleaning.



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    Well done very solidly made. Good to see the use of framing brackets to transfer the loads to the whaling plates. I also appreciated seeing the work you put into the safety handrail. As a qualified Carpenter of 32 years experience I give you a big thumbs up Pavlos, no make that a double thumbs up because I have seen some Carpenters work that makes yours look very professional by comparison.

    You can feel justifiably proud of your work.

    Greeat idea, beautiful work!

    Iasou Pavlo! Great effort. Looks nice and practical too. Not too chunky. Just enough for the job. Maybe a shot of your son reading in bed up there would have been a good last impression. Sto kalo!

    Thank you,ευχαριστώ!

    Great idea for maximizing space. Turned out great. Your son is lucky to have you as his Dad.

    Great work, especially the attention to details like the grips on the ladder and moldings.

    Nice work, It feels solid and durable, and it is a great idea to have more space to play and work. Thank you for sharing.