Step 5: Peg Board Back

I made the pegboard backing so that my daughter would have somewhere to hang her bags, scarves, necklaces, etc.  I simply took a sheet of peg board and cut it to size, and nailed it to a frame of 70x35 around the edge of the peg board to give it some strength.  Then I simply painted it and drilled some holes so it could bolt to the rest of the bed.  I picked up some peg board hooks from the hardware store and just fitted them where required.
did you use screws or nails?????????
<p>What is the child using to hold onto to climb the ladder? The ladder is underneath the bed, which is an awkward climb. If you make the bed longer, you can add rails for her to hold and grab and then a space to climb onto. I love the concept and the neat look of it. As someone else stated, it does need side rails for safety.</p>
What's the bed's lenght? Being for your daughter I tought it would be about 1.5m long, but after comparison to the chair on the left I have no idea. Assuming I needed to make a 1.9m long bed frame, would I need a larger, stronger sustentation? Sorry about my bad english, it's not my first language.
nice Instructable <br>going to see if my parents would go for this
i know right? I love it, but my family is always rushing, so maybe, just maybe, I can get my parents to go with this idea.
Roughly, about how much would you say this project cost you?<br> <br>
Great build, good use of space... but..... <br> <br>Don't want to sound like a H&amp;S nut but a bed so high without some side panels makes me nervous. I know the chances of any accidents is remote, but if a little one where to roll out from such a height.... <br> <br>being a Dad of 2 little ones myself, makes me wince to just think about it.
Yep have thought of that myself. Am in the process of making a rail for the open side, as well as a platform for books, etc. Just working out how to fit them so they can be removed easily to make the bed! I will probably use bolts with wing nuts.
Nice job, you could use a few more up close shots but from a glance its very good.
This is such a great idea. I've always wanted a bed like this. :D

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