Step 9: Clouds (or railing)

Picture of Clouds (or railing)
Loft beds generally have a railing to remind the occupant that rolling out is a bad idea. Here, we decided to use plywood cut into cloud shapes (who doesn't want to sleep on a cloud?). We mocked it up first in cardboard, then cut the shape with a jigsaw, sanded smooth, rounded the edges with a router, painted it, and screwed it to the frame.

The other bed has a piece of 2x4 that joined up to the other bookcase. Utilitarian, but easy and with a nice miter and rounded edges (I used a roundover bit in my router), it looks good.
moelhole11 months ago

Did you use any verticals behind the cloud for extra support, or were they unnecessary? Thank you for the information and great design.

makendo (author)  moelhole11 months ago

No, not necessary, though do note the single vertical at the foot of the bed extending up from the leg of the bed.