Introduction: Log Bark Lamp

Another birthday means another chance to make a gift.

My nan loves rustic wood, old logs, old bark etc etc.

So as i had some logs and some bark that had fallen off said logs i wondered if i could make a rustic lamp out of the logs, this started out as a random idea and turned into what i think is an amazing project.

I hope you enjoy!

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Thanks GG

Step 1: Bark & Brace

Picture of Bark & Brace

So i stared off with a some bark that had completely fallen off a log but still sort of kept its shape.

The 1st thing i wanted to do was stabilize the bark as best i could so i used some crap wood to make a brace which would also hold the bulb.

I used some scrap and to give it some extra strength used half laps to join the pieces together.

Step 2: Brace Glue Up

Picture of Brace Glue Up

I used a lot of glue on the brace and also some small finishing nails as this is the main structure within the lamp.

Step 3: Bulb Holder

Picture of Bulb Holder

I had an old lamp that i took the electronics out of for this project, so all i really needed to do was make a recess for the bulb holder itself.

I used the same size spade bit as the holder and drilled 3/4 of the way through the brace, then with a smaller but i drilled another hole in the center for the cord to run through.

The holder itself came with a plastic bolt to lock it in place which made the hole process really easy and if i ever need to change the wiring it will also be easy to take apart.

Step 4: Sand & Stain Brace

Picture of Sand & Stain Brace

I didnt want the brace to be so different in color to the rest of the lamp so i sanded it down at 120 and gave it a coat of rose wood stain its not a prefect match but i had it on hand and it blends in a lot more than pine does.

Step 5: The Worlds Hardest Glue Up

Picture of The Worlds Hardest Glue Up

Now onto the worst but of the whole project.

I glued the brace into position with a ton of glue, the real problem was clamping it in place without breaking the bark, so i just used some cheap sash clamps and rotated it every couple if minutes while the glue was setting so it didnt all run down the bark.

Step 6: Finish the Lampshade

Picture of Finish the Lampshade

I finished the lamp shade with some hard clear coat, absolutely drowning the bark in the finish.

Then drilled two small holes in the brace that would attach to the body of the lamp

Step 7: Hiding the Cord

Picture of Hiding the Cord

In the body of the lamp which was a small log, i cut out a channel on the back to run the wire down hoping to hide the wire and give the whole thing a nicer look.

Step 8: Body Finish

Picture of Body Finish

Once the finish had dried on the shade, i attached the body with some screws through the brace making it easy should i need to take it apart for any reason, then i glued the wire into the channel i had just made.

Step 9: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

Next i used the same finish as on the shade and again drowned the body of the lamp in it.

It worked surprisingly well considering it was just a log still with bits of bark on it.

Step 10: Test & Job Done

Thats it , i tested the light and switch a few times and that was it.

I absolutely love how it turned out and love how its rustic yet beautiful at the same time.

Im sorry i didnt show any of the electric parts but im no pro and didnt want anyone to try copy me and kill themselves!

I hope you enjoy!

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