Custom log bench

Step 1: Cut a Large Log in Half, Long Ways

this log weight about 500lbs, had to use my truck pull it out and then a tractor for lifting.

Step 2: Smooth Out the Surface

I used a hand planer and belt sander to smooth out the top.

Step 3: Burn the Design

Draw your pattern and then burn it with a wood burning pen, this log is oak and it took a long time to burn it, probably about 3.5-4 hrs.

Step 4: Seal the Log

use an outdoor grade wood sealer to protect it from the weather.
Do you seal only the bench top or the rest of the logs (bark) as well?
I sealed everything, multiple coats, just to prevent rot. And as the wood dries , some small cracks will pop up. Give a few days between coats as the wood may absorb some of the sealer.
<p>Curious as to how this is holding up? i have just cut a log in attempt to make a similar bench but m undecided if i should leave the bark on, i have read a lot of postings that suggest it will habour bugs and probably end up falling off anyway... hows it holding up for you?</p>
I just now made 2 log benches i but did not see this until I was finished.
<p>did you notch the bottom of the seat section of the log?</p>

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