I have always loved log cabins........big cedar logs, huge stone fireplaces, and a pleasant outdoorsy feel. There's just something special about log cabins. Someday I hope to build a log cabin of my own somewhere out in the middle of nowhere! But until then, I'll have to keep it small scale and build mini cabins. Like well...a log cabin for birds!

Step 1: Cut out Patterns

Print and cut out the patterns. Trace the patterns onto wood, and cut the shapes out. Depending on the thickness of your wood, you'll have to adjust these patterns a little bit.
<p>this was vary helpful for my school project and a made an account as soon as I saw this webite </p>
The Australian Zebra Finch would be happy to live in these, so I think anyone who has access to those birds would want to have a bird house cabin. Great work.
WwowW... it's soo nice, great job :)
Good job.How big is this bird house?
it's 7 x 4 inches across without logs, and about 8 x 5 inches with logs. I have a pdf up on the page that has printable patterns.
This is cool! I'm going to try make one :)
good! post pictures when your done with it!
I like it! Though the true judge to your work will be decided on by the birds and sure they'll live it too! Good work. <br> <br>Here is I made awhile back, I made the roof from some old vine bark and used some some grey colored puddy between the logs to give it a concrete look. I wish I had the tools you have... This was done without electricity.
nice work! that's great!
This is awesome - great instructions. :D
Nice job. Good practice for the full sized one. =)

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