This is a design for a simple log rack.  I have two log burning stoves and so I need small cut logs of approximately 10 inch (250 mm) long that will fit into the stoves.

So I need to be able to stack my cut logs on my porch. I made this simple Log Rack with odd and scrap bits of timber I had left over from repairing a roof. 

Size-  60 inch long. 40 inch high 10 inch wide. (1.5 m x 1m x 250 mm.)

The size of the timber is 1.5 inch by 1 inch rough timber (40 x 30 mm.) 

So I cut;  2 long bits 60 inch long (1.5 m)  4 bits 40 inch long (1 m.) and 5 bits 10 inch long (250 mm.)

On the 2 long bits I screwed 3 of the 10 inch bits to make a simple base (imagine a short ladder.) This becomes the base and helps air to circulate around and under the log rack.

Next I took a long 4 inch nail and nailed he 40 inch at each end of the 60 inch base. Why nailed? Because I then bent the nails to become simple hinge or pivots points for the 40 inch 'legs' for be able to fold up and down (To wedge the logs).

The last 2 10 inch bits. I screwed to the the top of the 40 inch 'Legs' to make the look like a tall 'goal' post. (See the photo)

And there you have it.

The last bit you need is a length of string or rope to tie the two legs across the top. Which holds the whole thing rigid when I stack the logs into the rack. 

Please comment on this, because its my first attempt at an in-structable and I want to know if I got it right, or wrong!

<p>This is brilliant.<br>The janky log racks I have made have all suffered from triangle bracing on the back, which means that logs longer than the depth of the rack are problematic.<br>This solves that problem, dcreases weight, makes it portable, and allows the use of crappier materials!<br>That's an all around victory, and your chest should swell with pride.</p>
That's a GREAT idea Billrose! There are plenty of rack designs, and I've been working on it myself, but I never thought to use a length of rope to keep the tops together. Simple, cheap, effective - love it. If one of the sides was on the&nbsp;<em>outside</em>&nbsp;of the base, the whole thing would fold down flat. Or perhaps use two long pins as hinge points so the three pieces could easily be taken apart.<br> <br> Just for pickiness's sake, your sentence:<br> &quot;Which holds the whole thing ridged when there is logs stacked.&quot;<br> ... should really be:<br> &quot;<em>This </em>holds the whole thing <em>rigid </em>when there <em>are </em>logs stacked.&quot;<br> <br> However, I'd say your first Instructable was ... right! Good instructions, clear photos, clever idea.
Ah Grammatical Error! Ok sorted that. <br> <br>I am working on other variations of this and will post again as soon as I build them. Thanks.
No! Dude! &quot;<strong><em>This </em></strong>holds the whole thing <strong><em>rigid</em></strong>...&quot; Your sentence shouldn't start with &quot;Which&quot; and &quot;ridged&quot; means shaped like a ridge - you want &quot;rigid&quot; as in stable or firm. Mind you, if the rope keeps the whole thing shaped like a ridge, then you could be right...<br> <br> I look forward to seeing your variations. I actually could have done with your Instructable a couple of months ago when my wife and I stacked our wood for the winter. We managed to stack it so the piles were self-supporting, but your rope idea was the solution I needed for stabilising end supports.

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