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You have a messy shop and a mood of cleaning up and organizing a bit instead of doing some actual work?

Lets make a wall tool hanger out of a log! After all, it' ll just take half an hour and is gonna save you some space!

You 'll need:

-A log

-A piece of scrap wood

-A drill

-Some screws

-Wood glue

-A wall and thats all!

Let's have a look..


BeachsideHank (author)2016-10-22

I rather like this actually, just one image in one step and you've got a very telling Instructable. This could be the genesis of the one- shot, one- step, one- paragraph Instructable series. ☺

ZepLabs (author)BeachsideHank2016-10-31

Glad you like it Hank! (I was using an ios app mosty for instractables and i didnt know you could directly reply to comments through the web page.sorry for that!)

BeachsideHank (author)ZepLabs2016-10-31

It's o.k., and I still like it. ☺

ZepLabs (author)2016-10-23

I' m glad you like it Hank !

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