these are pine log and cedar chairs for my deck. very easy to build if you have the tools. but they are expensive but that is them and wish i took picture when i built them but this is it. i will build more soon and take pictures of the whole process. thanks 

<p>would be nice to see an ( instructable ) of the whole process.... just showing pictures isnt an instructable..... thanks for the post and they do look nice,,,, thanks</p>
These are great looking chairs.<br>I'm just starting out and would love to see more instructables from you.<br>here is a picture of my shaving horse I just built.<br>
Did you use a lathe to shape the logs? They are beautiful simple chairs. Great work!
no did not use a lathe just out of the bush and peeled with a draw knife and then dried and then tenoned and put together and thank you very much im glad you like it thanks

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