Introduction: Logic Gate Using Diodes

Picture of Logic Gate Using Diodes

Today the instructable is about How do you make your own LOGIC GATES by using the diodes

Also it verifies the output by using an LED

It all done on PROTEUS 8

Watch all the Steps in a Complete Short Video Clip .

Step 1: OR GATE

Watch it very short clip ...

Step 2: AND GATE

Picture of AND GATE

Watch it very short clip ..


RBishop69 (author)2016-06-20

I hate it when people decide to make an insturctable, but are too lazy to type out how to do it! All we get is "Here watch this video, which I may of may not have made myself!" If you gonna be that lazy, just don't make it!

afzalrehmani (author)RBishop692016-06-20


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Bio: Studying Electrical Engineering.;-)
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