Picture of Logic Probe Kit
The following instructions will allow you to build a practical test tool for troubleshooting and analyzing digital and microcontroller circuits. The complete Assembly and Instruction Manual can be downloaded from the the following web link:Don's Projects

Step 1: Bill Of Materials

Picture of Bill Of Materials
Here's the components needed to build the Logic Probe shown in the Bill of Materials (BOM) picture.

Step 2: Logic Probe Circuit Schematic Diagram

Picture of Logic Probe Circuit Schematic Diagram
Here's the circuit schematic diagram for the Logic Probe.

Step 3: Adding Resistors

Picture of Adding Resistors
Add the 1K and 330/470 ohm resistors onto the pcb and solder.

Step 4: Add the (2) Capacitors

Picture of Add the (2) Capacitors
Place the (2) 150nf (0.15uF) capacitors onto the pcb and solder.

Step 5: Add battery clip, battery, 7 Segment LED Display, and Hex Inverter IC

Picture of Add battery clip, battery, 7 Segment LED Display, and Hex Inverter IC
Add a 5V Voltage Regulator IC, (2) 14 Pin DIP sockets, the Hex Inverter IC and the 7 Segment LED display components onto the pcb and solder them.

Step 6: Add the 9V Battery

Picture of Add the 9V Battery
Snap a 9V Battery to the battery clip. The Letter L should be displayed on the 7 Segment LED Display. Next soldered a red wire on the pcb where "Probe" is located. Last, soldered a black wire next to the black wire attached to the 9V Battery Clip. Now, the Logic Probe is ready to trouble or analyze digital or microcontroller circuits.
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hunaintariq2 years ago
i want to make this project on pcb kindly help me out please. ASAP
Nice Job!!! Will it able to show pulse as well ???

It would be highly appreciated if u kindly post a demo video!!

frollard6 years ago
Great Job! Hackaday tagged! Neat little build, I didn't see, where does one get a hold of the pcb?
Mrdon219 (author)  frollard6 years ago
I'll be posting cost info on the kit at my blog within a couple of days.