Introduction: Logitech G930 Battery Upgrade

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Short guide to upgrading battery of a Wireless logitech G930 headset.

Step 1: Remove the Battery

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Follow this picture to remove the existing battery

Step 2: Unsolder the Molex Plugs.

Picture of Unsolder the Molex Plugs.

Already done in this picture, the 3 solder points on the IC board is where the wire was.

Step 3: Find a 3.7v Battery Lying Around, and Solder the Wires on the Contacts.

Picture of  Find a 3.7v Battery Lying Around, and Solder the Wires on the Contacts.

Red to positive, black to negative, yellow/green to the last contact.

Obviously, pick a battery with the same voltage, and preferably, also LI-ion, but with a bigger capacity (thats why its an upgrade right?)

All LI-ion battery should be 3.7v, so dont have to worry too much.

Step 4: Cut the Battery Holder

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Using a rotary tool, cut the battery holder if needed to accommodate the new battery

Step 5: Plug In, Arrange Cable

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Safety tip:

Dont cover back, to have access for feel/visual inspection of the replacement battery. On any signs of thermal runaway, you are able to react.

Anyways all LI-ion battery is always 3.7v, only the capacity differs due to cell arrangement.Dont worry about exploding blablabla. Only way for LI-ion to explode is an internal short leading to thermal runaway, and it dont happen instantly, theres a build up of heat during charging before it explodes.


PatrickH57 made it! (author)2017-10-29

Great guide!

I went a bit of another way with the replacement though; The yellow cable seems to be communication, not a temp sensor, so without it, the battery monitoring dies.

I got a cheap 400 mAH battery off of eBay and put it in parallel with the original battery, so that remaining percentage should be accurate (time remaining is not tho), this also made it possible to do the upgrade without changing the looks of the headset; everything fits inside the original case.

BarışE8 (author)2016-09-20

Great guide! Although I ran into a problem doing this, as the middle connector (yellow cable) of the new battery I found probably didn't meet the data/signal format of the G930 and was always showing as red charge level, 5-10-15 minutes remaining.

Workaround I found so far: do the soldering to the new battery only for red and white cables, leave the middle untouched, empty. Then cut the original connection cable exactly in half. Peel the cables. Connect the original yellow back together. You can avoid cutting it altogether if you can manage the works. Then connect all the three reds and blacks together.

This way you parallel-wired the electrical supply of the new battery to the old one, and achieved 600+X mAh, but you left the yellow the way it originally was, which will ensure it gets the right way of signal. Now it will show like 8-10 hours remaining in the software, but it will be more like 20-40 hours depending on your new battery capacity.

I did this with a Samsung Note N7000 battery, so 600+2500 mAh. Still trying this out for the first time from full charge, 10 hours into it and it still shows 4/4 bars, 8 hours remaining. Will update this if anything goes wrong/different. End product looks like this.

Hope this helps someone. HF!

MichaelS1342 (author)BarışE82017-07-21

Just take original battery controller and solder it to new battery bank. After doing that all problems must go. I am testing it right now with new 2100mAh battery bank.

LeoIsamaru (author)2016-06-08

Could i use this battery
or it must be a Li-ion, and/or have the 3rd pin to control the charge?


JordanA37 (author)2016-04-19

Are you still able to monitor battery life after doing this? i did this as well with 1800mah 4 terminal cell phone battery and it is still charging as of about an hour

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-18

Great mod.

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