this is how to fix the middle click of your Logitech Performance MX mouse.

Normally if you press on the wheel, the wheel should go down and press a button. That doesn't work too well on some models of the performance mx.
So if you put a little bit of hot glue on the wheel container, the container can reach more easily the button on the PCB. This is what you will do at this tutorial. You should be able to follow this tutorial easily if you have your Performance MX in front of you.

This is for people who:
  * have some technical knowledge
  * don't care about loosing warranty

You will need:
  * Screwdriver
  * Hot glue

Ready? OK let's start!

***This will void your warranty***

Step 1: Open your Mouse

To open do the following steps:

*Turn mouse off
*Remove battery
*Remove these sliders (Carefully!)
*Unscrew the 4 screws

Then carefully open the Mouse.

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