If you don"t pay for a static IP address, or find yourself behind firewalls that you can"t control, this method will allow you to access SSH on your Raspberry Pi by installing client-side software to connect to a logmein hamachi network.

Step 1: Create a Logmein Account and Create a Network

First, create a logmein.com account if you haven't already, and from there, create a network.

If you want to add a smartphone or a mobile device to your network you have to use this link:
https://preview.logmein.com/ (here you can also use the actual beta-versions)

Next step is creating the network.

That's it. Now connect to your beaglebone/raspberry.
<p>Sorry it's not working ...no avail!</p><p>We tried everything !</p><p>And I am not alone.... It seems that the Rasbian Wheezy is not compatible with Hamachi ????<br>Please your advice !</p>
<p>It is possible that it doesn't work with Rasbian Wheezy. I tried it with Debian. Debian works properly.</p>
<p>Hi, have you ever tried to install hamachi in raspberry w/ GATEWAY configuration?</p><p>I was able to do that and I am able to connect to my raspberry by ssh. The problem is that if I wanna see the other computers, IPCAM or router in the same LAN by remote... I have big issues and many times I am not able to see my IPCAM in the same LAN of my raspberry pi - gateway w/ hamachi.</p><p>Can you help me?</p>
<p>Check out my website its not done but it had my youtube fing link</p><p>ltr.ddns.net</p>
<p>doesn't work guy</p>
<p>Does not work for me on Linux</p>
<p>Does not work for me on Linux</p>
<p>I've installed hamachi - logmein-hamachi_2.1.0.136-1_armhf.deb - by this way.</p><p>The installation is fine, but I cannot logging in, $ sudo hamachi login cannot work.</p><p>Is there any way ?</p>
<p>this didn't work for me how do i uninstall it</p>
<p>The latest version of logmein-hamachi doesn't seem to run on Raspbian, but I found one that does work. Try this one: <a href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/b3qmefk60n7ng7v/logmein-hamachi-" rel="nofollow">https://www.dropbox.com/s/b3qmefk60n7ng7v/logmein-...</a> </p><p>There is a discussion about this on stackexchange:</p><p>http://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/10110/installing-hamachi/15279#15279</p>
I've already heard about that problem. The next problem is that Hamachi is going to shut down their free service in the next months so the best way would probably be to look for an alternative.
<p>I had not heard that. when I signed up I got 5 clients with no expiration. It's only $29/year for up to 32 nodes - seems pretty reasonable to me. </p>
<p>That blog post is about LogMeIn, not Hamachi - they are different services. I have not found anything saying the free Hamachi service (5 clients) is going away.</p>

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