Logo Design & Logo Animation





Introduction: Logo Design & Logo Animation

Step 1: Install Custom Font

Step 2: Using Textures and Install

Step 3: Using the Pathfinder Tool for Objects

Step 4: Using the Pathfinder Tool for Text

Step 5: Preparing Illustor Logo for Adobe After Effects Import

Step 6: Sphere Animation: Basic

Step 7: Sphere Animation: Having Colors Stay Longer

Step 8: Sphere Animation Adding:Fog

Step 9: Sphere Animation Adding:Custom Enviroment

Step 10: Sphere Animation Adding:Camera Movement

Step 11: Importing Ai Logo Into Ae

Step 12: Particle Animation

Step 13: Combining the 2 Animations + Adding Lens Flares



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Call me old fashioned if you will, but an instructable with no instructions is sort of less than useful. How about some explanation? This certainly isn't going to be much use to a person new to AI.

The picture are in order and have the instructions on them. I guess I could add summaries and write out the steps separately.

That would help a great deal. You can't be certain what sort of display that the reader might be using. On a small tablet or a smartphone, while the pictures are visible, they are kind of small. Having supporting text allows people to make sense of the pictures without being able to see the smaller details. ;-)

I found it useful and quite thorough. It's not meant to be an intro to illustrator or after effects. People who are new to these programs might want to start by searching some other basic intro tutorials.