Picture of Logo Engraving

This is the latest project that I made at TechShop Chandler. I wanted to try engraving a logo using the ShopBot. So a grabbed a Nissan logo off the web (I don't own the logo, I just used it as example of something to engrave).

Step 1: Convert logo to Vector

Picture of Convert logo to Vector
VCarve Nissan logo.png
VCarve Nissan logo nodes.png

I imported the logo into VCarve Pro, and converted it to a Vector using the software's wizard. Then I had to edit the nodes to simplify the logo to make it acceptable for the ShopBot.

Erchan1 year ago

If you have CNC, you can make everthing.

Nicely done. Did you use a straight end mill? If a 5° tapered tool was used thjs carving coild be used as a pattern. At my place of employment we use a CNC router to make pattterns for sand casting. Our only difference is we use a positve carving as opposed to a negative carving. Food for thought maybe???