Picture of Lolerskaters homemade Nerf darts (They get extreme distance)
These homemade Nerf darts rock!! they are made out of foam backer rod and get sweet distance. Trust me they are better than any others. They also fit any Nerf gun!!!!

Step 1: Get The Stuff

Picture of Get The Stuff
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For this project you will need:

1. some foam backer rod (the gray coil) its inexpensive!!
2. a couple of nerf bullets to measure
3. a philips screwdriver
4. a paint brush or some kinda small rod
5. scissors
6. lots of BB's
7. a nerf gun to test em out!!
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snaglefang6 years ago
wat if ur backer rod is not hollow? how do i fix it
SethM3 snaglefang4 months ago

thats what the screwdriver hole is for

it never is hollow. thats why you use teh screwdriver to make a hole. it is easier to just remove the pegs from your nerf guns though. also, if you remove the entire air restrictors, in some guns you can easily get double the power.
ok thanks
That was pretty obvious.

THECHINABOY4 years ago
are they metel BB

yes i think so, but any bbs work

jake4a44 years ago
Great guide, but just 1 question. Me and my friends do a lot of nerfing, but the BB tips hurt so my friends won't let me use them. Any ideas on how to make one with a hard tip? P.S. The reason i don't just buy darts is cuz they cost too much.
SethM3 jake4a44 months ago

Wow... your friends are wimps, but you can put a small dome of super glue at the tip. it works as padding and makes it go farther. you may not want to use 2 bbs though. 1 should work.

Pwag jake4a43 years ago
Trying getting some friends that aren't girls. :P

Might leave more foam at the tip of the dart.
coolcam6 years ago
where can u get the bbs or ball bearings in Australia? i try one place they had them but they want 11c or 100 $9. if u know where to get them in Australia u can email me at cchasemore@hotmail.com Thank From Cameron
From a toy shop. In the airsoft or toy gun area.
no airsoft or bb guns in aus mate. unfourtunately :(
D: whoever made that law is mean, clearly hasent shot a bb gun before, maybe you could get shotgun shells if u can have those, they have alot of bb's on the inside
Yes. But, speaking as a reloader, the bbs are too small.
easiest place is a bike shop or skate park. ask them if they have any popped headset bearings. then take out any bb's left in the headset and viola. although it takes a bit of scavenging and searching for a friendly place you can generally get them for free :)
cksaint7 years ago
If you would like to get them straighter, put them into a pillowcase before you put the bb's in 'em, and rubberband a hairdryer to the opening, set it on high, and leave it to sit for about 20 minutes. This really helps thier accuracy. Also, if you do not want the bb's to have a chance of flying out and gouging someone's eye out, put a bead of hot glue on the end of a wooden skewer and stick it in the opening of the dart and rub it off on the bb and inside of the dart. Good shooting!
Lostkid cksaint7 years ago
20 minuteds sounds extreme. I think that the maximum should be 5 mins. Although i usually have 1.5-2.0 in stefans. Thats what these are called in the nerfing community. They are named after the guy who created them.
so if i wanted i could call them stevens.
YAY then u would name them after me
they are called STEFANS cause that's the guy's name who invented them
or just rubberband the top closed and stick it in the dryer on air fluff
LiftAndLove3 years ago
When I try to put a hole in it,it just goes through the side. Is there a way to fix this?
Zeffary204 years ago
i put a dozen stefans in a pillowcase tied in the dryer for 10 min. I was skeptacal at first, but it works
slowhat7146 years ago
just shove a straw in the hole
Plo Koon4 years ago
#1: How much this all cost? #2: How long for 200 darts? RSVP!
Lol, looks like nobody answered you, so I'll help you out:

Nerf darts are about 2 or 3 inches long, so you'd probably need a pretty decent sized length of backer rod. I'd say several feet. Good thing this stuff is cheap, eh?
are you Canadian?
just wondering caise you said "eh"
No, but I hang out with too many Canadians.....
Plo Koon4 years ago
IDEA! What if u made the hole just long enuff 4 the 2 BBs, hotglued the hole shut, then poke a hole thru the other end ALMOST to the BBs?
ZirconiumX4 years ago
What can we use as weights in the UK? We don't have airsoft or anything like that - fishing weights may be the answer - but I wanted to ask someone else.

I have just started researching stefans (home made nerf dart replacements) and I've seen people use fishing weights (the tiny ones, clamped shut), bb's, even those mechanical pencil eraser replacements. It doesn't take much weight (you're not trying to make these heavy).

The additional weight just gives the darts a little more accuracy and balance.
fsteel4 years ago
nice lol
That's preaty neat I would have never thought of that.
b0bman4 years ago
has anyone thought of using wooden dowels(rods) for tips? if you use a soft wood- like balsa- if might work better. or maybe a small cork.
timdiveetz6 years ago
do you need to make a hole ?
not if the air restrictors in your gun are removed.

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