Introduction: Lolita Makeover

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Step 1: Hair and Outfit

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Try to wear something girly, but based on what type of Lolita you are-preppy chic, literally just pink and girly, or even punk rock. Hair is best curly or wavy (especially crimped) and possibly in fun colors, with hair chalk or wash-out dye. Wear pretty jewelry, like lace and bows. Good hairstyles are pigtails, braids and double buns.

Step 2: Makeup Prep

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Apply concealers, bronzers, or foundations if you want. Also, put on some chapstick. I used:
-Shimmer Strips Vegas Strip/Light Custom Bronzer+Blush+Eye Shadow

Step 3: Eyes

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You can make your eyebrows more comical if you want. Use sparkly shadow in a prominent color like pink, gold purple, blue, etc. and do the same with eyeliner. I am using my Urban Decay Vol 11 eyeshadow palette in Ecstasy, Sphynx, Half Baked, and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. I am also using my Hello Kitty Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit.

Step 4: Lips

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Use a bright, possibly even neon, color like red, berry or pink. I am going over with teal eyeliner for a Lolita look.

Step 5: SFX

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If you want, you can make a blush like kawaii lolitas have.


CavemanHoles (author)2017-04-04

Good job!!!!

Mattie Canada (author)2015-09-07

I'm sorry, dearie, but that's not at all Lolita. Sorry to disappoint you.

초콜릿우유L (author)2015-02-04

not lolita.....seems like you're making fun of lolita-_-

monsternena (author)2014-12-15

Sorry...but this is not lolita.

GriffyTheDog (author)2014-10-19

Hi guys, I forgot to put in hair chalk. I have Hot Huez and hair mascara, and a friend has actual hair CHALK called Gypsy Stix that you can buy at Claire's.

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