Lolly Pop Hair Clip





Introduction: Lolly Pop Hair Clip

Here is a quick an easy hair clip to make with kids. 

You will need:
3/8" grosgrain ribbon for the whole thing.
You will need pink, green, and yellow.
Cut to 22" long.
1 Alligator clip.
1 3/8" white ribbon cut to the length of the clip.
1 small bow made from the 3/8" ribbon.
A small piece of green ribbon for the bow and lolly pop.
Glue gun and glue.

Place layers together matching all the ribbon.
Fold in half.
Begin rolling into a lolly pop design.
Trim off excess ribbon at the ends.
Glue the ends together.
Cut a small green ribbon long enough to go all the way around the lolly pop.
wrap it around the lolly pop.
Glue the end.

Glue the white ribbon on the clip.

Glue the lolly pop to the clip.

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    Here is a real good picture of the lolly pop until the challenge is over!


    Sunshiine u made a lot of stuff

    I have indeed, this is an awesome place to share. Thanks so much for visiting and do have a grand day!

    You should make it with a real Lolly Pop!

    Yes, that would be sweet but we are still trying to eat the cake pops I made several days ago. We don't eat a lot of sweets. Not a bad idea though because I think they would keep pretty good. I have never made any though.

    It would probably get sticky...

    Oh, you mean a real lolly pop for decorating. That could be done by putting it in a clear bag.

    Yes, but it would'nt look the same.

    But it wouldn't be sticky! I might be able to pull it off with some thought!