Long Arm Swing Lamp





Introduction: Long Arm Swing Lamp

I had an idea for one of these long time ago, so I built one and found that it is one of my most useful projects that I have ever made, I use it daily right next to my vice so I can direct light just where I need it, just like any other ordinary swing arm light. Mine however has one section from a broken swing arm, so it now has more sideways range, and with the extra arm, it can be directed to my pegboard way up high, or if I should drop something it can nearly reach the floor if you were to drop something and...It can be directed under the workbench. This intire project required a soldering iron and solder, two pairs of plyers and a screwdriver, Aprox 30 min from start to finish.

Step 1: To Start

I took the pink swing arm and removed all except the base and two matching square sections and the triangle. I then removed only the base of the brown swing arm keeping the attached reflector (see pictures)

Step 2: Electrical

The brown lamp already had a switch, but the wires were put together with wire nuts. So I removed the light and pulled some of the existing lamp cord and soldered the socket. After reinstalling the socket I pulled the slack of the cord, leaving enough slack for the bending. Snug all bolts as there is a lot of stresses on them, Make sure springs are installed. I used to use a heavy glass flood light, extra springs were needed to keep it balanced I now I use a very lightweight 60 watt equivalent LED bulb in mine. You now have a really flexible light to work on your instructables.



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    This is awesome. And as luck would have it, I just happen to have an old broken swing lamp sitting in my garage. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Let me know that you made it and how you like it. No better time then today.

    Very good idea. This is a usefull lamp.

    We really do use this a lot, Our shop is a tad bit dark and if you drop something it really lightens the search area without hunting for a working flashlight.