Long Bow PVC





Introduction: Long Bow PVC

Bow PVC tube initiation or training schools
low power


Step 1:

This bow after assembly, can be approximately 20 pounds. In the initial stages, the practice of shots made with 10 meters of corrugated cardboard parapets wooden arrows (see how to make wooden arrows for the bow below)




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    El grupo SCOUT No 28 del Liceo Internacional de la ciudad de Quito, agradecen tu ayuda en las actividades especiales, pues hemos construido tu diseño de arco PCV y los resultados fueron espectaculares... como se nos acabaron las flechas ahora vamos a construir el diseño de tu plumero para salir del problema, las nuestras salen desviadas.
    Siempre listos G-28

    Muy buen trabajo Ricardo, gracias por hacer este instructable!
    Yo soy lider Scout en Dallas Texas, USA, y es bueno el ver como Scouts de otros paises llevan sus actividades a cabo!
    Si puedes, por favor mandame mensaje privado con tu informacion de contacto,
    YIS, Joe.

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    It would be nice if somebody could translate the text in proper English Seems that author is using google translation which is not always clearly understandable. Otherwise very nice and simple! How much power does such bow generate? Meaning how far can you shoot an arrow with it?

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    power is 20 pounds and can fire up to 20 meters






    I've always wanted to try making a bow this way; can you increase the poundage by adding a smaller diameter pvc tube inside maybe?

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    If possible, but do not put the same size as the outer tube. if a little short, it behaves better.
    normally the blades are a little thin at the tip than at base

    I like this Idea. What type of bowstring did you use?

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    Cordón de cortina de 2mm
    2mm rope curtains

    In other words:
    Curtain Cord 2mm
    2mm rope curtains