Picture of Long Distance Laser listening device
the following project will show how you can use a laser pointer to hear noises from hundreds of feet away (the distance will be relative to the strength of the laser).

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Make A Laser Listener! [www_0.00.06.14.jpg
Make A Laser Listener! [www_0.00.03.14.jpg
Make A Laser Listener! [www_0.00.29.18.jpg
We need
1. a laser pointer
2. a old pair of headphones (mic cable with stripped ends)
3. cadmium sulfide photocell (avaible at radioshacks)
4. 2 Tripods
5. A computer with audio recording software 

macboy98 (author) 4 years ago
pls vote for me in the wicked laser contest
bossmansam4 years ago
couldn't you do it with an IR laser (provided you have the tools necessary to align it with the photocell)

You can if you have the sender and receiver. It's be better because IR is invisible to the naked eye.

stebanqui1 year ago

Laser photophone, you must use an audio amplifier to replace the pc too.

sjroth2 years ago

Found the video you got this from. Congratulations, you know how to take screenshots.

robot13984 years ago
did you really make it
macboy98 (author)  robot13984 years ago
i think you did not take those pics
you just copyed and pasted here from google
macboy98 (author)  robot13984 years ago
thomas96664 years ago
did you just google 'laser project' and think this one was the easiest?

I did that then made something better cause they would catch me out....