Picture of Long Distance Paper Glider
Learn how to build a long distance paper glider that will go further than any other airplane you've made.

Step 1: Step 1 - Prefolding

Pre-fold along the lines. White is primary side.

Step 2: Step 2 - Tip

Picture of Step 2 - Tip
Fold in two edges, flip and fold tip backward.

Step 3: Step 3 - Fuselage

Picture of Step 3 - Fuselage
Fold as directed, for any paper size.

Step 4: Step 4 - Wings

Picture of Step 4 - Wings
Fold parallel to fuselage. Easier if you fold paper in half first.

Step 5: Step 5 - Angles and Throwing Tips

Picture of Step 5 - Angles and Throwing Tips
Fold to approximate angles for best lift, fold tip over to reinforce it.
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plami6303004 months ago

how long is he flying???

adreena11 year ago

you are all WRONG. Have u ever heard of Murata Lock?

DavidM31 adreena19 months ago

Don't you mean the Nakamura Lock? And yes, I agree. This is a very good plane.

This is the plane all noobs learn.. the Nakamura Lock. Make a genuine plane like the Hammer or the world record planes for distance and air time.

Maybe SOME people need to start off EASY...And its fine because it works better than just a dart, as far as distance. Maybe some people just arent good at nice folds and need practice. And this is not the plane all the noobs make the dart is
CarloM15 months ago


CarloM15 months ago

The plane that I made was so successful using a letter size printer paper!! :)

Great design! Oh by the way, wouldn't it be better to use stiff paper so the wings don't fold or shake in flight?

braydent2 years ago

a4 letter size printer paper help?

KingDwarf9 months ago

I havent tested it yet but from the way I have folded it it is probably not going to fly that well

KingDwarf9 months ago

I havent tested it yet but from the way I have folded it it is probably not going to fly that well

works good, but accidently threw it into a volcano. very low accuracy

Much Wows

Many Lies

Much Die Please

danielshasaids10 months ago

hay guys lookin for a great time meet me at the dark alley ill give you a good rash :)

KaraN311 months ago

Well.. mine just went into the neighbours garden.. time for plane number 2 lol

does not fly strait or far
Theoryism3 years ago
I saw this is a book once, it was called the "Nakamura Lock", except the first set of folds are different in the book.
This is the original moth design it works better if you use really light paper I use somewhat stiff tissue paper
slickromeo3 years ago
consider putting a small paperclip to the front tip.
raven582623 years ago
hm, mine only hit the roof and loop around.
Danny48784 years ago
Freaking awesome plane, although you could add that if certain parts of the plane aren't even then it won't fly properly. Anyway I absolutely love it! >:-)
killer336 years ago
someone need a hug?
yapoyo Iridium74 years ago
i do
 i need a hug plz

gb123 ol9879865 years ago
ol987986 gb1234 years ago
yey hugs rock!
jpeterkin4 years ago
amazing i used it as a class project and i got a A
legoman1114 years ago
mine keeps falling apart no matter what.*whines*
SPYBOOM4 years ago
ITS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I accidently chucked it in the toilet. But its still really awesome.
DEADMAU5FTW4 years ago
if u flip it over and do the same folds it becomes a dart
tanmanknex5 years ago
I learned this plane when I was in kindergarten and everyone would come to me for them. I'd be a millionaire if I had charged for them... ;)
acruise5 years ago
I first encountered this design, which I remember being great 20+ years ago, in Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction by Campbell Morris. I have four books in the series.
1230695 years ago
omg i love you (but not in the gay waybut in this is the best plane ever)
oh yeah i flew during my physics class my teacher caught looked at it  gave me thumbs up some extra credit. then when i thought i was in the clear he gave me a detention:)
ol987986 1230695 years ago

this plane is "meh" to me. if you think about it... try to make gliders either based off this or make it wide ways for bigger wings. u gotta figure it out on ur own for wide airplanes.
jackoteeny5 years ago
I have made this type of plane before which in my country, Wales, it is called a HARRIER JET PLANE I have only said this to show you the name of it Good instructable by the way :)
ROARY6 years ago
I threw this plane out of my window and it flew more than 100 feet (i was on the roof by the way) this is awsome
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