I was tired of untangling 35 meters of electricity cord every time I wanted to use it , and when I only needed 10 meters long cable in the first place!

Made from cardboard box, and packing tape as required. A serrated knife or box cutter is the only tool you need.

Cut slits as shown in diagram and push inward the edges.  I left about 2 meters of cable loose (male end), which reaches the wall plug, then wrapped the remaining cable round and round the box.  Finally I cut a slot which stows the female end till use. 

  Very easy now to transport, plug in, unwrap as much as needed, and re-wrap neatly when finished!
<p>This is pretty brilliant :)</p>
be carefull though.. coiled up electrical wire can get warm (or even overheat and cause fire) when you attach heavy equipment (especially when coiled around dry paper...,) <br> <br>For regular light usage it'll do fine though.
Correct, thank you. Mr. Smith told me not to use extension of lesser gauge than power cord of device. <br>

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