In this tutorial I will show you how to make a paper airplane that, for me, flew around 25 feet.

Step 1: 1st Fold, Half Fold

Grab any piece of paper, almost all will work, as long as it is rectangular. I used printing 8.5" x 11" paper for it's availiability although same size notebook paper will work just as well. Fold in half hot-dog style. This is the most important fold because if this is uneven the rest is uneven as well, causing spinning. Start out by lining up the corners and folding there, then sliding your hand across the bend and folding along the way. 
<p>Its nothing. Now a paper airplane can be controlled by your mobile phone. You only need to attach an electronic module to any paper airplane and then it will fly long distance and for much longer duration (till your battery lasts). The complete procedure is mentioned here &gt; http://www.giftick.com/raj/16/</p>
<p>Superb! This is a variation on a plane my dad taught me decades. Many thanks! I made a couple of changes, first fold the tip of the nose in on step 3 to protect it, and also in step 4 fold the creases towards the inside, so the underside of the plane is smooth... </p>
<p>Wow amazing thx! I made it no image sorry!</p>
<p>I was bored in school and i followed thorugh the tutorial, which was easy to undertand. It does go pretty far, it went +25 ft a few times for me. Awesome and Thank you!!!</p>
Good basic instructable. Now I know where that plane came from in class...:)<br>Post this to the forneysclass group and enjoy your 100. JF

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