Long-Lasting Pencil Candle





Introduction: Long-Lasting Pencil Candle

 This guide will teach you how to make a pencil candle that doesn't drip wax.

Step 1: Supplies

 You will need:
1. A pencil (Preferably the ones that don't have the paint)
2. Match or some sort of lighter
3. Candle Wax ( You can also get normal wax and heat it over the pencil)
4. If you are under 11 you NEED someone older to help you. I'm not responsible for any injuries or burnt down: Carpets, Window shades, clothing, or houses)

Step 2:

 Light a candle

Step 3:

 Let the candle heat up. Then blow it out and smother the tip of the pencil in wax.

Step 4:

Light the tip of the pen. Try to get the wax part.

Step 5: Pencil Candle




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    12 Discussions

    I actually thought that was how a candle worked as well.  In the case of a candle, the wax is actually flammable, and the wick (pencil in this case) just pulls it out to stay on fire.  Same thing as an oil lamp, the oil travels up the wick the same way the melted wax does. 

    In this case, the wax is burning on the pencil and after all that is gone, the pencil will start to burn.

    Hm... I suppose your right but then why dosent the wax just burn down around the wick or pencil?
    I suppose it might just be because the pecil focuses the flams as you say but still... seems odd..

    I suppose I should adjust my previous comment. 

    The wax is flammable, however it requires oxygen to burn in much the same way gasoline burns.  A pool of candle wax will not catch on fire if the flame is near it, however the wax will burn if it is spread out thin enough and oxygen can get through to it.  Much the same way an internal combustion engine needs the fuel to be sprayed into the cylinder so it can combine with the oxygen. 

    And to head this question off at the pass, yes a pool of gasoline would catch fire, but it would only do so under the correct conditions.  Mythbusters did a segment on it in their first or second season.  I believe it was the episode of the exploding toilet.  Now, I just saved you from filling a bucket up with gas and throwing a match in it. 

    I'd be up for filling a bucket with gasoline and throwing a match at it any day of the week XD
    Although I'd let it stand and spread some fumes first and rig some remote solution for the match ^^

     Now I realize that the pencil itself is very flammable and the wood is the main fuel not the wax. The wax melts away after awhile its not like the whole thing is covered in wax

     I don't really know, I just was guessing that the pencil was better because it didn't drip hot wax  on you. Hot wax on the skin hurts. Imagine getting dropped in a vat of the stuff