Long Lasting Wax Fire Starter


Introduction: Long Lasting Wax Fire Starter

This a simple cheap fire starter made from materials you can find around the house. These fire starters work great, the ones I show burn for around 4 minutes but I've made other ones that burn for 8 minutes. Originally I made them to help save matches but I've also used them to keep a flame burning or as a small candle.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you will need are:

- A candle

- some sort of fabric, I use the inside of cotton ropes and tissues but any sort of flammable fabric should work


- lighter

- aluminum foil(optional)

- scissors

- ruler (helps but optional)

Step 2: Melt the Wax

Light the candle on fire and let the wax melt for 2-4 minutes. I like to set the candle on the aluminum foil to keep it he wax off the carpet.


Step 3: Cut the Fabric

Cut the cloth so you have a 2 inch long by 1 inch wide strip, if your using the cotton from a rope don't worry about width. If you are using a fabric roll it up to make it thin like the rope.

Step 4: Dipping the Fabric in Wax

After a fair amount of wax has melted blow out the candle and dip the piece of fabric in the wax so about three quarters of it are submerged. You may have to put it in sideways like I did. After the wax has dried a little and cooled off you can mold it into a more round shape. I like to let mine dry on a piece of aluminum foil once again to keep wax of the carpet.


Step 5: Your Done!

I find the 2 inch ones to work perfectly but I have used longer, keep in mind the longer you make them the longer they will burn for. Thanks for reading this Instructable and I hope these prove to be useful! If you like this please vote for me! Also constructive comments are welcome.

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    Well then random stranger, could I get a name to know who to credit, I don't think "DOG" makes cuts ahah, I voted however. Very cool idea

    i think this would be great for camping

    I do have one question looking at it again why dip in 3/4 of it? why not all of it question mark?

    2 replies

    If you were to dip it all in you wouldn't be able to light the fire starter very easily, you could dip it more but then you get a smaller flame.

    ah I see thank you kind "random citizen"

    yeah super awesome! Totally voted and favorited! very creative too.

    This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!