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Long measurement tools can be make using microcontroller. here I make a device that can measure distance between two point. It's using tangent measurement concept. to get the value of the angle I use potentiometer as a angle sensor. For distance sensor I use ultrasonic sensor. here I use two ultrasonic sensor to get value of line ''r'' and "x". For tetha angle can be measure by potentio meter. If we can get the three value, we can calculate the distance of line "y".

Step 1: Implementation

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here I used ATmega 16 for the controller. for ultrasonic sensor I use SRF05.
here is the program:

Step 2: Coding

Here I attach the program list. hope you can enjoyed it.

Step 3:


opooja (author)2016-01-16

hi pls send me the circuit and code i want to display length in meter using potentiometer and also angle using potentiometer. and radius that will depend on length and angle on mail id

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