Long Range Knex Pistol





Introduction: Long Range Knex Pistol

Comments are wanted and improvements are also wanted plz send pics of finished project

Step 1: First

Build this pocket pistol

Step 2: Upgrades

Next add
(Optional) larger mag
Add longer barrel by making a few of these on end and connecting them to the gun and mag like shown

Step 3: Stuff

Add ons can be removed for an easy stealthy little gun with a decent mag and a true trigger

Step 4: Sights

Ok sights i want to add a scope but im waaaaaay to lazy

Step 5: Power

Idk the exact range but between 20-50 feet with decent accuracy
Can be changed by adding more rubber bands

Step 6: Conclusion

The sniper pistol

-decent range
-accurate to a certant point
-adjustable sights??
-plenty of room and options for add ons/mods
-Depending on your preferences on mag size decent capacity
-all around decent side arm/maybe a primary weapon in knex wars i win every time with this gun


-a bit bulky
-power issue
-small ammo (can easily be changed)
-needs scope and maybe a stock
-jam issue when mag starts getting low
-cant fit in a pocket

Step 7: Credit

I credit the maker of the base pistol and a friend for the barrel idea

Step 8:



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    I dont see a reply button

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    I said i accedentally got thr definition of semi auto wrong im sorry il fix it in v1.1

    Should i turn the pocket pistol into a turret pistol i have a left over turret from a failed turret shotgun(cool and fun no power or range)