Long Range Yagi Antenna 19 Element 2.4GHz


Introduction: Long Range Yagi Antenna 19 Element 2.4GHz

Yagi Antenna 19 Element (Yagi in a drainpipe)!
Easy build yagi that gives at least 15dbi. A long range antenna for 2.4 ghz wifi 802.11 b/g/n frequencies. Yagi antennas exhibit a narrow beamwidth and high front to back ratios to help minimise any potential interference to and from other systems.
Templates : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzmJxxD-Z4B6ZmgtNzl2bzdvTDg&usp=sharing



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    is there any ways to verify the scale on a4 size paper ?

    how to attach to router which one have a fix antenna ?

    Were you using A4 or Letter size paper for the template? Would it matter?

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    is there any ways to verify the scale on a4 size paper ?

    @ andrew mcneil

    Love the antenna, but I am also in need of two things Please. 1. How thick is the block of wood used to build the driver loop? 2. You have a SMA connector on the yagi, what do you connect to that for you can connect it to your computer? Do you need to attach it to a wireless antenna, at the wireless antenna's spot on its circuit board then use a USB cord from that to your computer?



    Andrew - Sir - I am following you on Youtube, and I have just signed up for Instructables - Your Projects show Definate "Out Of the Box" Creator PRO Calibur thinking ...I mean wow - metal-less Boom PlexiGlas (Perspec's) and 19 element Yagi Beam supported in a Drain Pipe .... Dayum ... !!! conected to an Alpha Wifi USB Card - My Friend - I am Amazed that you havent started to Create Antenna Arrays on Plexi glass for Broadcast FM Stereo "Low Power" Transmitters - it would at least Add 20 + dBi Gain to any Transmitter Project ! - I figure your "Gig" might just be Antennas ... But Heck - The Experimentation potential you could explore creating Transmitters and antennas for them - you could litterally run a beautiful Online Business using your knowledge - I am serriously IN AWE ! - Please dont stop creating - you have a tallent and a Knack for this Sir !!!- you are doing what I have been dreaming about since I was a Child - looking at his first electronics book in Public School !- Kudo's and BRAVO to you Sir !!!

    I am super excited by this great idea and bought material to build a pair. However the dimensions of my printed template (back edge of reflector to front edge of last director approx. 66cm, printed everything in 1:1 mode) seems small for a 2,43 GHz antenna. Simulating the yagi yields something around 76-78cm.

    Is your antennta so much shorter because of the dielectricity of the acrylic, or am I doing something wrong printing the templates? Could you possibly provide a reference dimension to compare? The element lengths however seem to match with the modeled antenna.

    Great video...Trying to let friends use my WiFi. I had everything on hand and it went together in less than 45 min. They bought a Netgear N450. It has three antenna but all of them seem to have only one wire. Is there a suggestion on this or an easier router to adapt?

    How thick is the block you are using to make the bend in the Driver and how crucial is that spacing? Me and friend are building one and we are at that part.

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    10mm line the element up so it is in the middle 5mm on each side.

    Nice!! Thnx for the info it seems I'm building one this week then ;)

    Nice build!!! But I've read that pvc blocks the radio waves, what material is your pipe made of? Or dit u just make the end caps of an other material?

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    Hi this question comes up on forums quite a bit it was also a question on an exam paper back when i did my degree in the 90s. I remember it because it is also a trick yes and no answer.
    Yes PVC and most materials will effect RF but for PVC to effect RF in any measurable way it would have to be 3 foot thick. So a few millimetres will have next to no effect and for reliable performance it is better to protect the elements of a microwave antenna.

    I am talking about the video for the long range yagi antenna 19 element 2.4 ghz that connects up to your computer. It is posted on utube from instructables. What is adapter or connector at the end of tube? Wondering price and where to buy it?

    I've already enjoyed two of your designs, and they both are Great! thanks for posting! love your videos...

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    this is brilliant i love all your antenna designs. I am new to instructables why dont they get featured?

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    I have no idea. Maybe if i coved them in peanut butter and dipped them in chocolate! LOL
    thanks for the comment though glad you find them useful.

    lol chocolate coated yagi!