Easily pick those blackberries that are just out of reach and deliver them to your holding container.  I found this takes a bit of practice to get the hand-eye coordination down.  It becomes a sort of game with the instant reward feeling the berry rolling down the tube and making a plunking sound into the container.  OK…enough of that.
This is a very simple construction.  A Big thanks to Thinkenstein for the idea of using the 1” PVC to deliver the berries to a container.  This is my first instructable and I'm very pleased to finally be able to contribute to this amazing Instructables site. In Victoria, BC we're nearing the end of our Blackberry season so I hope this hasn't come too late.

Step 1: Required Items:

1. Five feet of 1” PVC pipe (I found mine in my basement rafters)
2. One Long Reach Pickup device  (Dollar store)
3. Two  ½” copper pipe brackets (Hardware store)
4. Four small screws and washers (washers needed to keep the screws from entering the pipe too far.
5. Plastic Container – like a yogurt, cottage cheese, etc type that has a snap on lid.
6. Tools: Saw (Hacksaw or band saw); Screwdriver; Drill; Some Painter’s tape or masking tape, Pencil or felt tip pen, xacto knife or box cutter razor.
needed that today.
oh soooo smart. thank you. I will be using this next year
Thanks, go build it now so you don't have to run around trying to find the instructions next year. :-)
Don't the screws trap rolling fruit?
That's why I included the washers so the screws don't penetrate too far, plus the screws are at the top of the pipe. Another idea is to unscrew them after they are installed and use a wire cutter to snip the ends of the screws and then reinsert.
Cool, thanks.
Whoa!!!! I am in awe!!! this soooo ROCKS!!!
Thanks, I hope you make one.
My grandma would love this! I'll try to mod it with a funnel. Thanks for sharing.
I thought of a funnel, but it kept getting jammed in the blackberry bushes.

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