If you need to make a booklet, you need a long reach stapler. These can cost several times more than a standard desk stapler. The office where I work now has one shown here. A few years ago I was working in an office where there was no money for a long reach stapler, but we needed to make booklets.

The long reach stapler shown here is really heavy duty with very strong components. Someone did tape corrugated cardboard pieces to the steel base for stops on different sizes of paper.

Step 1: Choose the Stapler

You need a donor stapler that lends itself to the necessary modifications. A Bostitch-Stanley desk stapler like the one shown here works well. This photo is from Bostitch-Stanley.
Really good stuff !! But is a stapler like this : http://pan.fotovista.com/dev/4/3/01296034/l_01296034.jpg <br>or like this : <br>http://www.hellopro.fr/images/produit-2/4/1/2/agrafeuse-de-bureau-coup-de-poing-rapid-jacky-110--utilise-les-agrafes-jacky6-1005214.jpg <br>can work well ? If it works, I'm gonna try it out !! Cos' I need to make a booklet (even though I'm a novice =D) <br>Good job buddy ! ;)
good idea, thanks<br /> i will try to make it<br /> you would make a elipses holes to screw the base piece to the wood<br /> it will be easy to adjust where the staples close <br />
Thanks for the comment.&nbsp; The hinge pin at the back of the stapler has a little play in it.&nbsp; The old orientation of the base helped to stabilize that.&nbsp; Since I have seen a commercial long reach stapler close up.&nbsp; If a welder is available, I might weld a long piece of strap iron under the stapler (if that did not create paper clearance problems) and make it adjustable where it mounts to the base.&nbsp; I hope it works well for you.&nbsp; <br />
Sorry no welder avaible<br /> when i &acute;ll have some time, i&acute;ll try<br /> if it is functional i&acute;ll post some photos<br /> bye from spain<br />
Life is full of surprises.&nbsp; You may have a welder one day.<br />
Thank you.
Again, nice job! :-) Voting 3.

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