Long Shot Shotgun Cocking Mechenism





Introduction: Long Shot Shotgun Cocking Mechenism

Used PVC and a PVC coupler for the material. I also added the spring to the Nightfinder. Shoots around 70 feet

This is my first Instructable, so please go easy on the comments



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    good job but why would you do that to a longshot? it is suppost to be a sniper rifle

    Is there any reason you didnt just unscrew the bipod from the inside? thats what i did with mine.
    Nice mod btw

    What size PVC is the shotgun grip? And what type of piping did you use to connect the grip, and the priming mechanism?

    This mod has several functions 1. Looks awesome 2. Faster loading time 3. Since I added the NF spring it can shoot farther 4. Dominates in nerf wars