Long Cord or Hose Storage





Introduction: Long Cord or Hose Storage

I grew tired of coiling and storing long cords or air/water hoses. They always get tangled and are in general a pain. The other day I saw an empty 5 gal bucket, and thought how I could use it. With the coiled hose in the bucket, and the feed line sticking out the side bottom, I only need to feed out the amount I am going to use. Plus they store very easily.

Step 1:

Select your 5 gallon bucket of choice.

Step 2:

Drill a hole at the bottom edge of the bucket side wall approx twice the size of the cord / hose you will be storing.

Step 3:

coil cord / hose in bucket.

Step 4:

now you can feed out just enough cord / hose for your job. Carrying it will be a snap with the bucket handle.



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    I wonder if there's a way to alter this to make it easier to roll up the cord.

    Possibly a center column that it could coil around

    The real beauty of this is its simplicity. Just a word about safety issues, watch how much current your pulling from a tightly coiled shop extension cord inside this thing. Someone where I used to work was using a heavy duty sawzall for a few hours one day using a cord bucket like this one. Only he kept the lid on his and when he was finished with the job, he opened the thing up to find the cord was minutes away from completely failing. Darn thing melted to the bucket. He was using a smaller gauge cord, and drawing lots of power, so its his fault, but just be careful everyone.

    Nikon, good point. NO LID. Make sure your cord is sized large enough for your project!