Longboard Camera Mount





Introduction: Longboard Camera Mount

If you want to take videos when longboarding this instructable is for you. This camera mount is removeable and wont make and permanant changes to your longboard.

Step 1: Materials

All you need:
1/4 bolt
1/4 nut
Peice of wood (i used 3/4")

Step 2: Marking

Mark you peice of wood. the center and where the bolts for the trucks go through. The size of wood doesnt matter as long as its not to small or too big i just used i peice that i found laying around but if you want to use the same size it was 2.5" by 3.5". 

Step 3: Drill

Easiest step just drill the holes you marked . the center hole should be 1/4" and the four outside holes should be 3/16"

Step 4: Insert Bolts

As simple as the title just put the bolts through the holes you drilled. Then put the nut on the center bolt to hold it in place

Step 5: Finishing

Drop the camera mount throught the holes on the board, put the trucks on and your done. Now you have a camera mount for your longboard.



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    This is a really good idea, I think i may do it for my step-bro with a piece of cutting board instead of wood. He'd love it. oh, BTW what kind of camera is that?

    its a real cheap camera that i won in a contest store price was about $30 i think and the cutting board is a good idea thats what i was planning on doing but i found this peice of wood the was already the perfect shape so i used it to save time

    30 bucks! my brother was ripped off!!!!!!!!, he got his for $100

    Nice to see you got some proper trucks.Bears are great,aren't they?

    Randal's are the way ahead ;D

    great trucks, but the board has seen some better days haha

    Does the camera rattle/shake when riding at high speeds? Do you need a foam or rubber insulation?

    This is a really great idea, not just for skate shots, but for filming action as well for a conventional movie scene.
    Question; is there enough clearance to mount the camera out front and 'under' the board surface? That would put the lens just above the ground for really 'fast' perspective...

    there is enough clearance under my board but there is nowhere for me to mount it because the trucks are in the way but some other boards might have room