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Introduction: Longboard Project

I recently decided I wanted a different design on my Atom longboard. I sanded the deck down, spray painted it white, and now I'm currently covering the board in sharpie. I'll continue to upload pictures as I make progress.



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    I would by this graphic!

    How are you transferring the art to the board? I'm working on one and I've created a full size graphic in inkscape. I don't know if I should trace it or use it as a stencil with spray paint.

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    I just lightly penciled the design on then went over it with sharpie. No "transfer" whatsoever haha. What you could do is print out your design, go over it in pencil, then lay it flat on your board (penciled side down) and rub over it with a credit card or other flat piece of plastic. The card would press the pencil from the paper on to the deck and you could trace over the design with sharpie. I've done this on a few other projects. Hope this helps!

    is the board is iluminati themed? I might do this kind of thing with my board :)

    If its not too complicated, you could try a technique called pouncing. "Pouncing has been a common technique for centuries, used to create copies of portraits and other works that would be finished as oil paintings, engravings, and so on. The most common method involves laying semi-transparent paper over the original image, then tracing along the lines of the image by creating pricked marks on the top sheet of paper. This pounced drawing made of pricked holes is laid over a new working surface. A powder such as chalk, graphite or pastel is forced through the holes to leave an outline on the working surface below, thus transferring the image. The powder is applied by being placed into a small bag of thin fabric such as cheesecloth, then dabbed onto the pricked holes of the pounced drawing." If it has a lot of lines very close together (like firebird11692's) might want to use a different technique or just pounce the major lines.

    Sweet board! What does the design mean?

    hey! looks like a very nice longboard you made there! Looks pretty awesome...
    I am making one right now (my 1st one). I already have the deck cut out, but now I worry about my trucks and wheels.

    My Nose and tail width are about 9 1/2" thick. I am kind of confused on where should I put the trucks. where should I drill? How far from nose and tail? And how wide are trucks normally? Do you think deck is going to touch wheels when I turn?

    Please reply and thanks for making this sweet tutorial :)

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    This is just the design on the bottom of my deck. I did not manufacture any part of my longboard. Sorry, can't help you much there.