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Introduction: Longboard/Skateboard Rack

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I want to get into making longboards, so I had some cut outs made onto some ply wood (instructable coming soon) and I decided before I make these longboards let me make something to hold them so I decided to make this rack.

I didn't take any measurements I just eyeballed it to see if they were the same.

Step 1: What I Used

  • a drill and a wood bit size 22"
  • jigsaw
  • speed square
  • clamps

Step 2:

I started by drilling holes where the boards will go with the depth that I wanted.

Step 3:

Then I used the speed square to make a perfect line from the hole the end of the plywood.

Step 4:

Next I got the speed square and clamps and used them as director for the jigsaw by clamping the square down where I needed it.

Step 5:

Once I had the lines cut out I used some screws cant remember what size they were but I put the two pieces next to each other and screwed them together. Once they were together I got the speed square and made a slight angle and used the jigsaw to cut it (sorry don't have picture for it).

Step 6:

Then I got a square piece of plywood and and put it at the bottom and did my best to get the screws perfectly inline with the rack (this picture is not the wood I used because I don't not have the holes lined up properly).

Step 7: Finished Product

I did not use a stain or garnish because I like the way plan wood looks I've don't that with a few of my wood working products for my room.

P.S. This is my first instructable to write, I'm hoping to get better



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    simple and looks awesome. thanks for posting

    For further improvement you could cut the slots at an angel to give a glimpse at the back of the decks. Especially when you build your own longboard and have a custom board that would be nice :)

    thanks but i know it doesnt look likeits at an angle but it is. the position of the camera makes it look like it straight up

    I need one of these. My kids just leave their boards in the middle of the room.

    That's a great simple setup! We could use something like this for my nephews' boards :)

    thanks. i hope it works for y'all.