Picture of Longboarding - Alternative to Slip Tape / 3M Tape.
This is a trick I learned while cleaning my grip tape today. This is an alternative to slip tape, and 3M tape. Warning: This is for long boarders and skateboarders who simply want to protect their graphic from being sanded away. do not use this if you are planning to do any heavy board slides or grinds. if you end up messing up your new longboard I am in no way responsible. You have been warned. I will be doing my old sector 9 board for you today. I recently did this to my new apex 40.
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Step 1: Materials Needed.

Picture of Materials Needed.
Here is the list of materials needed for this instructible.

1.) Longboard
2.) Scissors
3.) Clear Packing Tape
4.) Windex Window cleaner
5.) Paper towels
6.) Credit Card / Gift Card
7.) Towel (optional)

Step 2: Step One - Cleaning Your Graphic.

Picture of Step One - Cleaning Your Graphic.
This step can not be ignored, as the tape  will need a tight seal on the graphic to protect it. Any dirt or dust on the bottom of the board will make the application of the tape more difficult and could potentially ruin the graphic all together. 

1.) Spray a small amount of windex on the graphic.
2.) Grab a small amount of paper towel and rub the bottom of the board.
3.) Repeat until the graphic is clean.
bromanuzak2 years ago
how do you like the w on the double concave? i have an avrocker and heard that it is overrated, but thats just from one person. does help with standies and stuff?
@Bomanuzak Hey, sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier. To be honest I have ridden both the dc and av rocker and I do feel a difference between the two. I feel the micro drop and the w really help lock in your feet for doing standies, power slides etc. I hope this answers your Question. -Patterson Longboards
thedirekter3 years ago
So great to see another longboarder on here! My friend's been dying to get some slip tape so I'll have to recommend this to him:) What kind of riding do you do?
my riding style is downhill and freeride.