I've been longboarding on and off for the past twelve years, progressively getting more obsessed in the most recent years. But no matter the level or intensity of interest, nothing is more infuriating than being unable to skate because of the rain, or even worse being  in the middle of skating and having it rain on you. Because no one like slippin' and slidin', at least when you don't plan. So in an effort to stick it to Mother Nature, I designed my WT Wheels


It's not asbestos, but there will be a lot of dust particles, and I mean a lot. Take precaution of yourself, by using protective eye wear and a respiratory mask. I'll admit there are safety advisories in life you can ignore, but this one is quite real, besides that fact you could be inhaling a lot of rubber particles, who wants to taste rubber any ways? 
would carving with a gouge work also. then no dust problem
<p>Hey I was thinking, if you could get access to a CNC mill with a 4th rotation axis these water-traction wheels could be made very accurately, repeatably, and with increased complexity. Don't get me wrong, your design looks like it came out pretty well for manual carving, but this could be a solid advancement in the concept. Anyhow, well done!</p>
i want some
Although a nice Instructable I really would't recomment it to do it in this manner at least not with that kind of simple dustmask! It is not rubber that you are cutting as you stated but urethane. In normal hard form no problem but the fumes you cause by cutting it with a dremel or any other tool are serious dangerous. You should at least be wearing a half-face gasmask if you are serious about your health.
WOW, never thought of that, really smart!
nice instructable! if i send you some money and a set of my LB wheels would you do this for me?
they should sell wet weather wheels
Awesome work!
haha really like it :) now if only i had a longboard..... haha :D vote+ 5*<br>

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