Longshot Breach Gun




Introduction: Longshot Breach Gun

This is an Instructable on how to better your Nerf Longshot! AFTER CONSRTRUCTING, IT SHOOTS 45-50 FEET! This entirely new weapon increases range up to 15 feet! It is better then the Long Shot AND its very versatile. Personally, I use it to assassinate people because of its small size. This is an improved vrsion of Longshot under complete copyright by Liam G. and m.a.b.



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whoa.... I WANT ONE!!!!! that looks so hardcore! someone plz post something on how to paint it like that!

isnt this called a angel breach????????????????????

also mine gets 50 ft and i didnt have to do this mod.

Hey im new to the site kan somebody help me not make this a slideshow? its kinda confusing

try using microsoft powerpoint...i think...im new to this too

Lemme guess...ur annicials are d.c.?? (didnt wanna say ur real name

For future reference, if you're going to use one of Captain Slug's pictures (the 2nd one), at least GIVE CREDIT TO HIM! Also, if you have the time to make a slideshow or turn on your computer, you have the time to join my site at http://www.theinnercore.webs.com. And join NOW or you won't get the valuable incentive.....

valuable incentive? im lisening....

ITs cool! i got an account! and i subscibed to u.