Step 1: To Do a Giant Gummy Fanta You Need!!!

In this video I show you how to Do It Yourself Giant Gummy Fanta Bottle - is an easy recipe for everyone.
What you will need:
- For the DIY bottle form - Fanta Bottle (500 ml), scissors and scotch.
- For DIY Fanta Jelly - Fanta Orange (1 mug (500ml)), 60g of unflavored gelatin.

Step 2: If You Want to Know How to Make Giant Gummy Fanta Bottle - Just Follow My Video Cooking Tutorial Step by Step.

Step 3: Try My Recipe and Create Your Own Tastes With Other Soda or Jelly Flavor.

Step 4: Giant Gummy Cola Bottle Is Ready!!!!!!!

Step 5: Very Cool!!!!!!

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<p>Looks so cool and I want to bite it ! :D</p>
<p>Nice, you have got my vote!</p>
<p>That was really cool! I like it! will do this with my son!</p>
<p>Hello, I like your idea. Would you like to see my instructable's creativity? Hope you like it &amp; thank u so much&gt;,&lt;</p>
+1 haha
<p>very cool, i assume you can do this with many drinks! </p>
<p>That IS cool!</p>
<p>you did it pretty good </p>
<p>but you need to do so thing like Sprite I guess you can't really get jello of what ever you use clear tho</p>
Can u eat it
<p>Yes, you can eat because is fanta with jello!!!</p>
<p>probably, why else would it be on 'deceptive <em>desserts</em>'?</p>

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