Look What Happened to Fanta Orange!!!!!!




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Introduction: Look What Happened to Fanta Orange!!!!!!


Step 1: To Do a Giant Gummy Fanta You Need!!!

In this video I show you how to Do It Yourself Giant Gummy Fanta Bottle - is an easy recipe for everyone.
What you will need:
- For the DIY bottle form - Fanta Bottle (500 ml), scissors and scotch.
- For DIY Fanta Jelly - Fanta Orange (1 mug (500ml)), 60g of unflavored gelatin.

Step 2: If You Want to Know How to Make Giant Gummy Fanta Bottle - Just Follow My Video Cooking Tutorial Step by Step.

Step 3: Try My Recipe and Create Your Own Tastes With Other Soda or Jelly Flavor.

Step 4: Giant Gummy Cola Bottle Is Ready!!!!!!!

Step 5: Very Cool!!!!!!

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    Looks so cool and I want to bite it ! :D

    Nice, you have got my vote!

    That was really cool! I like it! will do this with my son!

    Hello, I like your idea. Would you like to see my instructable's creativity? Hope you like it & thank u so much>,<

    +1 haha

    very cool, i assume you can do this with many drinks!

    but you need to do so thing like Sprite I guess you can't really get jello of what ever you use clear tho

    Yes, you can eat because is fanta with jello!!!

    probably, why else would it be on 'deceptive desserts'?