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I got this solid wood table off of Craigslist a year ago. At the time It had only one scratch in it. Now after a year its worn down and has many scratches and fades but only on the top! So This instructable will just be on how to restore the top of the table to its former yet better beauty! I decided to go with Oak stain because that is what closely matched the current stain. Therefore I'm assuming the table is made of oak but I could be wrong. I know it ain't pine atleast. The nice part about redoing a table is that once its fully sanded down it will be up YOU to customize it to any color or shade of your liking to match your home and lifestyle. Especially with these Craigslist tables you don't know the history of what it has seen so for me anyway redoing the top was more than just a cosmetic issue, Now I know once its refinished what the table has seen a top of it, plus the added feeling to your home with a nice shiny piece of furniture is very rewarding. I decided to use MINWAX for its easy to use ability and color selection as you will see in the following steps.

For this table project you can expect a start to finish time of about 3 days. It will take time for the stain which is 12 hours to fully cure and a good day for the Polyurethane gloss to cure. A quart can of each is more than enough to do this job.

dlacroix1 year ago
Great job. Looks wonderful. I've seen so many similarly damaged tables being thrown away. I'm going trash pick the next one I see.
Beautiful job! I just picked up a mission style oak table off craigslist today, and will be going through this process when i find the time. I used pretty much these exact steps and products to create oak window sills recently, with one small additional step, as recommended by a professional carpenter friend: After the first coat of poly, lightly sand with a 220 or higher grit sandpaper, to remove small rough spots created by first coat of poly. This will result in a smoother finished product. Just my two-cents;-) Thanks for a great Instructable!
iOskr3 years ago
Excellent work man!. Congrats and thanks for sharing
Sparker94 (author)  iOskr3 years ago
Thanks! It took a lot of work to get this far.