Look What I Made!;-)





Introduction: Look What I Made!;-)

Okay, I admit this wasn't a DIY... I did have help;-) But it did take more than nine months!
Sorry, no "how-to" pictures here... Plenty of those elsewhere on the internet;-)

2nd photo: Only one day old, and Baby Brigid meets the Instructables robot;-)


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Questions & Answers


Thanks! Just can't figure out how to get this build to stop spontaneously expanding;-)

I made someone similar ;-)

Congratulation on this very cute baby. Great job.

I was looking through your steampunk cable instructable when I stumbled on this. Hilarious!

can you give us a parts list. He He Congratulation!!

One part spermatozoon, one part ovum... Mix until zygote forms;-)

Thanks Evinfire! Yeh this is my first 'ible that keeps getting bigger and more complicated all by itself;-)

My daughter made one of those too!

Be sure to school him/her well in the fine arts of mad scientist steampunking.