Picture of Look what I made!;-)
meet the robot sm.jpg
Okay, I admit this wasn't a DIY... I did have help;-) But it did take more than nine months!
Sorry, no "how-to" pictures here... Plenty of those elsewhere on the internet;-)

2nd photo: Only one day old, and Baby Brigid meets the Instructables robot;-)
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edumls made it!1 month ago
I made someone similar ;-)
oleladydevine4 months ago

Congratulation on this very cute baby. Great job.

I was looking through your steampunk cable instructable when I stumbled on this. Hilarious!
Nightshade1 year ago
can you give us a parts list. He He Congratulation!!
Winged Fist (author)  Nightshade1 year ago
One part spermatozoon, one part ovum... Mix until zygote forms;-)
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Winged Fist (author)  DELETED_Evinfire1 year ago
Thanks Evinfire! Yeh this is my first 'ible that keeps getting bigger and more complicated all by itself;-)
anderlance1 year ago
My daughter made one of those too!
Be sure to school him/her well in the fine arts of mad scientist steampunking.
By far the coolest Instructable I have seen to date, You do good work!
Gratz! you will keep us updated im sure.
best reguards Grasshopper.
Winged Fist (author)  Grasshopper12211 year ago
Thank you my friend. Yes, I'm sure there are steampunk baby toys in my future;-)
Winged Fist (author)  cdawisconsin1 year ago
Yeh, I agree, even if she does look more like her daddy than her mommy;-)
dcummins811 year ago
this is the very essence of everything i love about instructables and everything that is still good about the internet! thank you and as everyone else has said Congratulations!
Winged Fist (author)  dcummins811 year ago
Thank you so much for your kind words.
omnibot1 year ago
That is so awesome. Is it usb or ic2? How long did the software take to write for it ?
Winged Fist (author)  omnibot1 year ago
No USB or ic2... Right now it's all about input, output and sleep mode;-)
Orngrimm1 year ago
Copycat! There were over 108 billion faster than you. ;)
(accorcing to

And i think it qualifies for a DIY because even in DIY's you can have help and it is not always a one-man-job.
However, the time it took from start to finish is a new record for
Especially if there is this low count in steps to make (especially for you)


Thanks for sharing and i wish you all the best for all of you! :)
Winged Fist (author)  Orngrimm1 year ago
Thanks for your kind words! Yeh, this was a lot easier than the Steampunk Volkswagen project I still haven't finished!;-)
I can't find the tutorial link...
Winged Fist (author)  generalwhong1 year ago
Try googling "making babies.";-)
All the best wishes from my family and me! Great job! Very cute!!
Winged Fist (author)  thechocolatist1 year ago
Thank you my friend! Coming soon: Steampunk baby toys!;-)
Junophor1 year ago
Hey Winged Fist

Congratulations to you and your family from good old europe. Your "latest project" looks pretty nice;-))). My daughter living at Boise has started nearly a similiar "project" so I will hopefully become a grandfather around thanksgiving day ......... well I don´t feel like a grandfather at all........

Once again: Good luck to you and your family
Yours Aeon Junophor
Winged Fist (author)  Junophor1 year ago
Thank you for your kind words my friend! Sorry for the nearly month delay in reply... The life of a new father... And best of luck with your new grandchild "project";-)
CONGRATS enjoy the months of "she doesn't do anything but eat sleep and poop," cause when they start running, you find out how out of shape you really are lol
Winged Fist (author)  infernisdiem1 year ago
These have been my thoughts exactly;-)
gothgaluk1 year ago
beautiful!! Cingratulations, so sweet!!
breumer1 year ago
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
lmao .. btw congrats
Ysabeau1 year ago

But, but, but... where is the "how to"? :-)
EmcySquare1 year ago
Donfay111 year ago
Thank you so much for sharing! She's beautiful. Congrats!!
nanosec121 year ago
Congratulations !!

Job WELL DONE, or at least well started because this one is going to take a lifetime to finish !!
Bugtastic1 year ago
Probably the best 'ible there is! Welcome to the planet Brigid!
BigRed19731 year ago
Welcome Baby Brigid!! And to Daddy, nice Instructable!!! Made one of these myself 24 years ago, with a tiny bit of help from his Dad!! How did you design those kissable cheeks?
artworker1 year ago
Cutie pie!
Nice work!
Winged Fist (author)  artworker1 year ago
Thanks Artworker!
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