Looking for a Collaboration on This Kne'x Gun

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Introduction: Looking for a Collaboration on This Kne'x Gun

Hello, I've been working on this gun for quite awhile. I wanted to use the handle that I used on my last gun. But, the trigger wouldn't allow it. I decided to change it up a little because I wanted a flat top on the gun. So after modifying it and working with other triggers this is where I'm stopping.

I can't really fine a handle that would look nice and supports well as well as allowing this trigger. The trigger is a straight pull back which goes into a strong pin block similar to the one on TheRacker Rifle. It can hold a lot of bands which I like. If you have any questions on how the trigger works, ask.

Anyways I'm rambling, I was wondering if anyone wanted to try to add a handle to this gun?



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    Thanks, I got a handle on.

    No, not at the moment I will put some up eventfully.

    This is really pretty nice, but I suggest you try bigger projects. Your 'ibles are all mostly smalls, so try some bigger guns.

    Bigger =/= better. If it does what it's supposed to, why make it bigger?

    So you have parts left over for more gats, duh.