Looking for New Host of Indy Mogul's BFX





Introduction: Looking for New Host of Indy Mogul's BFX

About: Indy Mogul is the network dedicated to DIY filmmakers and film lovers alike. Our first show, Backyard FX, is a creative and funny 'how-to' guide for making film effects on the cheap. New episode every Monday...

Indy Mogul is looking for a multi-talented individual or team to take over as host & producer of the show Backyard FX,  and it could be YOU!  Our new host will continue the show's DIY tradition of helping zero budget filmmakers make realistic special effects for cheap, and showing them how to become better filmmakers with tutorials and short films.

How To Apply:
We are looking for potential new host/producers to create an "audition episode"  that contains as many of the basic BFX elements as possible.

Deadline: February 28th

Compensation: This is a paid opportunity. Compensation will be determined during the selection process.

For the full list of information go to http://www.indymogul.com/newbfxhost



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    KipKay already does videos for Make; I think BFX is looking for someone new!


    and younger

    and someone that actually makes effects...

    Adam Savage from mythbusters? LOL!

    Let us know if anyone has any questions regarding this sweet opportunity to take over one of the coolest jobs in the universe!


    I've had a secret crush on Eric for 3 years..... ill die without him.):

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    he is doing another show on indymogul.

    ps. its Erik, not Eric

     The requirements are simple

    1. Be over 18 (exceptions may be made)
    2. Be able to make a new original episode and submit it every single week.
    3. A crew is okay
    4. Have a decent camera (Next New Networks can compensate if needed)
    5. Have a good personality
    6. Living close to the NYC area is a plus, but episodes are submitted remotely.

    Did you guys just get this news? I've known for a month.

    Cool!  We're big fans here at Instructables.

    Here's hoping you find someone great to host!  (psst - anyone here want to apply? I know we've got tons of Halloween prop experts...)

     Erik Beck!  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Whatever will we do without you?