Step 2: Putting on the Shoulder Rest

(NB: This is a Viva rest: there are many other types)

Hold the neck of the fiddle in your right hand, face down
Hold the shoulder rest in your left hand, curve to the right
Tuck the feet over the edge of the violin nearest your tummy
Yes, I agree with how you take care of your violin... I have an additional tip though... please keep your violin or hang your violin in a not so cold or not so hot place because too much cold or heat can damage the whole violin. Lastly, I love your violin... blue is my favorite color. :-)
Being an some-what advanced viola/violin player, I find that this is not quite helpful, for me, <strong>but this would have been nice to have when I first started playing</strong>, my bow hand was atrocious. Anyways, I would like to point out that, when tightening the bow, you want about a pencil's width of space between the hair and the stick of the bow (this, of course, will and may change due to your needs, your skill and the song set you play). Just thought I'd mention that quick rule-of-thumb. P.S.: love the blue violin!<br/>
great instructable, I;m in Detroit Symphy Orchestra, AwEsOmE violin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really good for beginners, thanks.

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